At the beggining of August, I went to Ogunquit Beach in United States(Maine) for five days. I went at the playa to swimming in the ocean. Even if the water was very too cold, it was very cool! Also, I enjoyed this time at the playa for tanning so much before back toschool. At the end of my trip, I was so tanny and so happy!! I met some americans very kind. Also, in the way back home, we stopped at the Kittery Outlets to shopping very much!! I drank frappuchino of burger king and it was so delicous!!!!!

I went at my grandmother’s house in Bas-St-Laurent for passed moments with my family. I went there for at least one week. I passed a very fun week with my oncles, aunts and obviously my grandma. I visited the village a little bit and it was very beautiful. In the same time, I went at Tadoussac for watching whales and belugas on a boat. I noticed that there were a lot of chineses! My mother bought a little beluga in pluch to give me a memory of this cruise.

Bestfriend’s days


A few times in my summer, I went at my bestfriend’s house to share time with her. We did a lot of bff days and it was very awesome! One day, I went at her house to passed the afternoon in her pool. We taked also time for tanning with goo protection obvioulsy! Each month, we went to the theater to watch movies. We watched «The Purge», «Grow ups», «Kick Ass 2». It was very fun! Also, we went in downtown just for walking in the streets and eat mcflurys ice cream and frozen coffee. I did many sleepovers with her at her house. We stayed up late and did a lot of litle ‘parties’. We eat cereals and smoothies for dinner and we putted nail polish on our nails. It was so fun and I loved so much these moments that I share with her!!!